You can only make the most of a small kitchen for so long. After all, you can only do so much with limited counter space or limited storage for all of your kitchen essentials.

Luckily, it isn’t too difficult to extend your kitchen. And when you do, you’ll have ample cooking space and room to dine, relax, work, and entertain at your leisure.

But before you get too ahead of yourself and start choosing your new custom cabinetry, there are a few things you should know about kitchen extensions. And below, we’re discussing everything you need to know to ensure you understand what to expect as you build the new kitchen you’ve always wanted.

There Are Three Main Methods Available to Extend a Kitchen

When you’re considering a kitchen extension for your home in Fife or Edinburgh, there are three main methods you can use to do so. Each comes with pros and cons and as such, it’s important to understand your options to make the best choice for your home and budget:

  1. Knocking Through – Not every kitchen extension has to mean building additional space onto your home. In fact, the best way to expand your kitchen is to break down a stud partition wall between the kitchen and dining room or kitchen and living room (depending on the layout of your own home). This opens up both rooms and gives you space to add more storage or counter space in the kitchen, if you prefer.
  2. Adding On – If you have a terrace or patio, you already have additional space you can use for your kitchen. Many homeowners don’t actually make adequate use of the patio so transforming this space for additional kitchen use is a great idea.
  3. Extending Out – If you don’t have additional space or a wall to knock down, a kitchen extension is a great idea. You can even use the space to better integrate your kitchen with your backyard with open doors or combine the area with a new outdoor patio for the ultimate entertaining option. The choice is yours!

There are Several Benefits of Building an Extension…

…the most obvious of which is the ability to design the space as you wish! After all, you’re starting with a blank canvas, meaning you can really do what you want to the space and add as much (or as little) space as you want.

Additionally, a kitchen extension can add real property value to your home. Most potential buyers love open, large kitchens and by creating one to enjoy while you still own the house, you’ll enjoy more than one benefit of the new space.

Most homeowners also use kitchen extensions as a reason to renovate their existing kitchens. In fact, kitchens are one of the first areas of a home that becomes outdated and unattractive to potential buyers (or the homeowners that cook in it on a daily basis).

Don’t Let Your Dream Kitchen Stand in the Way of Practicality, Either

It’s all too easy to get carried away with your kitchen extension. And while it’s great to have a wide range of extension ideas, it’s important to be practical as well.

One of the most important factors to be practical about is your budget. Standard kitchen renovations with no adding on or extensions can be quite costly. As such, you should set a realistic budget from the outright and stick to it while considering associated costs of the project like electrics, plumbing, drains, and gas connections, amongst others.

The best way to get started with a kitchen extension plan is to consider what annoys you about your current kitchen as well (beyond just space limitations). Doing so will help you approach the design and process from a practical perspective that delivers on both your wants and needs.

Your Kitchen Extension is Just Weeks Away With Management Joinery Solutions

As one of the most used rooms in any home, a new kitchen is well worth the investment for most homeowners. And when you’re ready to move forward with your design ideas and innovative plans, the team at Management Joinery Solutions can help.

Our approach to projects integrates a heavy reliance on teamwork with an in-house team of contractors to ensure everything is completed on time and to your utmost satisfaction. By taking advantage of our kitchen extension services, you can enjoy the same benefits for your home.

Get in touch with our team by calling us on 07772608248 to discuss your unique needs and project requirements. We look forward to delivering your dream kitchen!