Home conversions are an exciting time for homeowners. After all, they make it possible to take advantage of your unused loft, garage, or other existing areas of your home.

However, they also come standard with a variety of potential problems. And unfortunately, most homeowners aren’t aware of these issues before getting started on their own project.

As you can imagine, this can make a sticky situation even more complex. But luckily, there are solutions to each of these common problems, making it simple to get your project done on time and according to your preferences and expectations.

Below, we’re discussing 5 of the most common issues most experience with home conversions and how you can ensure you don’t make the same mistakes.

1.You’re Taking on the Wrong Project

Did you think out your project before getting started? Or did you let your frustration with the wasted space in your loft get the best of you before breaking ground and spending more than you planned to?

Many homeowners get carried away with their potential project and because of this, end up choosing a home conversion that doesn’t add significant space or value to the house.

Solution: Speak with several contractors before deciding on any home conversion project. Doing so will help you prevent making a costly mistake and will make it simpler to understand whether it makes common sense to pursue your project.

2.You Hired the Wrong Team of Builders/Contractors

If your builders or contractors don’t quite measure up to your expectations, your project won’t be quite as enjoyable as you hoped it would be. But all too often, homeowners don’t take the time they should to evaluate and select the best team of builders or contractors for their needs.

When choosing your contractors, you must ensure they’re experienced in the specific work you’re requesting and are willing to provide references of past clients. With this information, you can ask past clients key questions like “What was it like to work with this contractor?” or “Were you pleased with the outcome of your project?”

Doing so is a great way to ensure you’re not stuck with a contractor that doesn’t quite meet your expectations.

Solution: Always ask for references of several builders or contractors before choosing one. Doing so will help you avoid future headaches and give you a simple way to evaluate each option and choose one that works best for the demands of your specific project.

3.You Underestimated the Cost of Your Project

Any conversion project is going to be costly. And to be sure, the difference between the initial estimate for your project and the end result can be quite significant.

The worst mistake you can make is to assume the project will cost what your contractor predicts at the outset. In fact, you should leave at least 20% of the estimated price extra before getting started to ensure you have the money necessary to complete the project.

Remember, an estimate is different than a quotation (i.e. an estimate is simply a guess whereas a quotation is a legally binding, final amount). Prepare a quotation (or at the very least a detailed estimate) with your contractor discussing all potential costs including labour, materials, and other factors. This will help you better understand what’s to come.

Solution: Never begin a project without a sufficient budget to finish the work that you start. Always leave ample room in the budget to account for additional needs as they arise to ensure you can finish the project to meet your expectations.

4.You’re Ignoring Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations are there for a reason: It’s the law. And if your building team is ignoring necessary rules and regulations, you’re going to have an issue eventually.

Rules and regulations include everything from planning permission, Building Regulations, notifying neighbours (i.e. Party Wall Act), or getting permission from other authorities.

Your contractors should understand all rules and regulations and comply accordingly. However, make sure you ask about this to ensure you aren’t doing anything illegal for your loft conversion, garage conversion, or other home project.

Solution: Choose a team that is well-informed of all rules and regulations. If you’re concerned at any point, ask your team about these rules to ensure everything is compliant with the law and rules in your local area.

5.You’re Wasting Existing Space

Are you interested in an extension and have your blinders on regarding all other options? Sometimes, it can be difficult to see past your initial plans or intentions, making it all the more difficult to add value and liveable space as you planned.

Always consider the potential for a conversion before an extension. This will help you recycle and reuse empty space in your home to add value without having to spend so much money or time on construction.

Solution: Evaluate your home and potential space (especially cellars, garages, or lofts/attics) you can convert before choosing a home extension. This will save you money and help you make the most intuitive, calculated changes to your home.

At Management Joinery Solutions, We Ensure You Don’t Make Common Costly Mistakes

These 5 mistakes all made this list for one main reason: They’re amongst the most common issues homeowners are forced to contend with during their home renovation. But when you work with Management Joinery Solutions, you won’t be forced to face any of these issues.

We have an in-house team that manages your entire project from beginning through completion. As such, you can rest assured that you’ll be pursuing the right project for your space, remain on budget, and be exceptionally pleased with the results.

To discuss your unique needs and goals for your home conversion or extension in Fife or Edinburghcontact us on 07772608248. We look forward to hearing from you!