Conservatories are icons for most homeowners, even today. These structures originated in the 19th century where only the wealthiest homeowners could afford them for their homes. But now, with conservatories more accessible than ever before, more and more homeowners are following suit.Modern conservatories are the simplest way to add living space to a home without having to relocate. And below, we’re discussing conservatory renovations 101 to ensure that when you want to pursue your own potential addition, you have the background to do so properly.

So, What is a Conservatory and What is it Used For?

It’s important to understand what a conservatory is before investing in one of your own, especially since these additions are often confused with orangeries or other common structures.

Conservatories are glass structures that are less structurally extensive than an orangery but still offer the added benefits of space, sunlight, and the convenience of using the space at your own discretion.

Most homeowners use conservatories for a number of different purposes:

  • Recreation
  • Dining
  • Sun Room
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Play Area/Other Area for Children

Of course, you can use yours for any number of purposes, depending on your family, needs, and preferences.

Conservatories are Ideal for Average Homeowners and Keen Gardeners Alike

Conservatories were created for gardeners to offer a space during cooler temperatures to nurture and grow plants. However, that is not their only use.

In fact, homeowners today enjoy conservatories for a number of reasons and purposes, plants included. The best part is that gardeners can grow their plants in an environment unimpeded by the weather, offering a simple way to grow even the most delicate flowers and other greenery.

As for the average homeowner, a conservatory is a great way to add space while adding some plants to the home that can grow and thrive in a consistent environment. What’s more, you can add value and space without having to spend a fortune, making conservatories a great investment for all.

At Management Joinery Solutions, Our Conservatory Additions are Customised to Your Unique Specifications

At Management Joinery Solutions, we believe in offering only customised solutions to all homeowners. And as such, we’re proud to customise a broad range of conservatory options for clients in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and beyond.

Our experienced team of in-house contractors guarantees a smooth, efficient process with limited disruptions to your life. To learn more about our conservatory solutions, contact a member of our team on 07772608248 or contact us online.

We look forward to discussing your potential conservatory and transforming the look and feel of your home!