If you’re in the market for a new conservatory, there are a lot of decisions you’ll have to make. For example, what do you want to spend on the structure, how large do you want it, and, of course, the design.

There are many types of conservatory designs, but 5 main types that are essential to consider when building your own structure. Below, we’re discussing each in more detail to ensure that when you want your own structure, you make the right decision (down to the last design-oriented detail).

Design 1: Victorian

Victorian conservatories are the most popular amongst homeowners, particularly because they are versatile and suit the design and styles of many different homes.

This design is characterised by its steeply pitched roof and ornate detailing along the roof’s ridge. Most typically, Victorian designs will have three or five front panel facets for a curved look, offering a clear view of the garden.

Design 2: Georgian

Georgian designs are not unlike Victorian designs but are differentiated by their flat (as opposed to faceted and angled) front. As such, this design is more understated and is an ideal choice if you want to maintain focus on your home.

Georgian structures are great for those who want a practical space that still offers a great deal of light and space.

Design 3: Gable 

Gable designs come complete with a rectangular floor plan and triangular front, offering a unique shape and style as opposed to Victorian or Georgian options. Due to the shape, the roof is vertical on the front of the conservatory, allowing it to meet the roof and optimising the amount of light and space in the process.

This design type is well-known for its attractive style and is often used to spruce up tired or older homes.

Design 4: Lean-To

Lean-to designs do just that: They lean on the main property to offer the most fluid extension of the home. Most often, these structures are rectangular and have a slanted roof that meets the home.

With clean, simple lines, these structures are the choice of most modern homeowners who want a sleek complement to their property. They are also more cost-effective than other types of conservatories, making them an even more popular choice.

Design 5: P-Shaped

When you want to fully maximise the space of your conservatory, P-shaped conservatories are best. This conservatory actually combines a lean-to style with another style, such as the Victorian or Georgian, to form a “P” shape.

If you already have one of these two types of conservatories, you can simply adjoin another structure to the existing one. This makes for a cost-effective alternative to make an existing conservatory even larger.

Whether You Want a Specific Style or Bespoke Creation All Your Own, Management Joinery Solutions Can Help

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