Conservatories are like any other room in your home: They’re useful, but also require maintenance to remain as liveable and enjoyable as possible. This is but one factor you must consider of your potential conservatory addition, especially when you want to ensure investing in this construction is the right choice for you and your family as well.

But, what factors are most important to analyse when you’re considering a conservatory for your own home? It can be difficult to tell, until now that is.

Here at Management Joinery Solutions, we empower potential clients with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions regarding their potential addition. And as such, we’re outlining 5 factors all homeowners should consider prior to making an investment to ensure you’re prepared for everything having a conservatory could and will mean for your home.

1. Temperature Extremes

Many homeowners invest in a conservatory as a year-round space for their home, but quite the opposite tends to be the case. In fact, most conservatories grow to be excessively hot in the summer and cold in the winter. As you can imagine, this renders the space practically useless.

Keep in mind that if you too add a conservatory to your home, you won’t be able to use it comfortably year-round.

2. No Potential for Future Conversions

Many build a conservatory believing that they can later convert the space into a single storey extension, but this is not the case.

The foundation of any conservatory is far too shallow to be used for a conversion of this sort. As such, there is no converting a conservatory once it is built.

3. Lack of Insulation

For those who want to use their conservatories year-round, heating it will be extremely costly. This is because conservatories are wholly absent of insulation, meaning you will have to run the heat significantly to make (and keep) it warm.

This isn’t a problem for some but is worth noting for others.

4. No Roof Changes

The roofs on most conservatories are made of glass, as they should be. However some who try to later convert their conservatories are often surprised to learn that their roof cannot be turned into a covered roof due to a lack of structural strength.

This directly relates to point two in that there is no potential for future conversions. This point is worth noting on its own as even a conversion involving a roof change cannot be accomplished for most conversions.

5. No Full Recoup of Costs

Most homeowners build a conservatory for two reasons: Their personal enjoyment and the potential value come time to sell the home. However, few homeowners recoup more than 50 percent of the costs to build the conservatory. This causes some to believe it is not a worthwhile investment.

It also means that you should consider a conservatory if you’re doing so for your enjoyment during the remainder of your time in the home.

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If you’ve considered the factors above and others that prove integral to deciding whether a conservatory is right for you and would like to proceed with the process, Management Joinery Solutions can help.

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