If you’re like most homeowners, you have little to no experience with bathroom remodeling. As such, it can be quite difficult to navigate the realm of bathroom renovations when you’re seeking to get a new fitted bathroom in Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow, or other areas of the UK.

However, there are a few basic tips you should know before you ever get started on a bathroom renovation of your own. And below, we’re sharing five of our own to ensure you can better navigate the process.

1.Costs Will Vary Significantly From What You Find Online

Most homeowners search online for fitted bathroom costs prior to beginning their own project. While you can get a general idea of costs from doing so, you shouldn’t consider these costs as definitive of what you will spend on your own bathroom.

After all, if you replace appliances but put them all in the same location you will spend significantly less than if you were to move around the layout of the room (meaning you’ll be moving the pipes and other internal structures as well).

2.Waste Disposal Costs Money

In many cases, labour costs for removing the old fixtures in your bathroom will be included in the cost of the job. However, waste disposal often isn’t.

Most traders must pay business rates to dispose of waste and as such, it’s good to ask ahead of time how much it will cost to dispose of the fixtures you’re eliminating from your bathroom. This way, there are no surprise costs as your project progresses.

3.Ask About Minimum Costs

If you’re simply looking to replace your toilet or replace a sink, it’s important to ask potential traders how they charge for doing such work. Some will have minimum costs for a set period of time (i.e. half a day) which means you’ll pay more than you should for minor jobs.

Similarly, this makes it more cost-effective to bundle different jobs together to make it worth your time to have traders at your home handling one job.

4.Potential Damage Costs More Money

If you have damaged or old pipes, this can quickly drive up the cost of any job. Likewise, damaged tiling can cost additional money.

You might not even have damaged tiles when you first hire traders but tiling is easily damaged once you begin to remove furniture. As such, it’s important to ask ahead about what this might cost should you encounter damage as a job progresses.

5.Be Wary Of Contractors

Many traders use contractors to complete the many jobs required in a bathroom fitting. However, this can make a job more complicated as you may not know which contractors are completing what or at the very least the quality of the contractors that have been hired to work on your home.

When you have a choice, it’s always best to choose a joinery that offers an in-house team of contractors. This removes this potential concern as you remodel your bathroom and keeps a job progressing smoothly.