Getting a new fitted bathroom for your home is exciting regardless of wether you live in Fife, Glasgow, Edinburgh, or other areas of Scotland. However, renovating any bathroom can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and costly. Relatedly, this causes many homeowners to begin a renovation project without considering all necessary factors to be fully prepared.

If you’re considering investing in a new fitted bathroom in the UK, Management Joinery Solutions can help. And below, we’re detailing 5 major factors you must consider before beginning any renovations in your bathroom.


How much do you want to spend on your bathroom renovation? A budget will help you understand how you can invest on what matters most and other areas where you want to be a bit more conservative in what you spend.

Keep in mind that labour, waste disposal, plumbing, tiling, and fixtures all cost money. Budget for each to avoid unwanted or excessive expenses further down the road.


Many homeowners assume a minor bathroom remodel will take only days to complete. However, it can take weeks depending on how much work you’re looking to have completed.

It can also take a significant amount of time to order furniture, appliances, or other fixtures necessary to complete the job. This must be kept in mind to ensure that if you rely on the bathroom being remodeled you’re fully aware of how long it will take to get it back in full working order.

3.Hidden Problems

There are countless problems that can arise during a bathroom renovation.  As such, it can be incredibly beneficial to fully gut your bathroom when you renovate to ensure there are no hidden problems lurking beneath the surface.

Of course, this is much more beneficial for those who own old homes as there is a higher likelihood that there are deficiencies or other issues with the house.

4.Design and Functionality

It doesn’t matter if you design the most beautiful bathroom imaginable if it doesn’t function as it should. After all, you can choose a vanity that looks great but if it doesn’t have the storage or counter space you want, it isn’t the best choice for your home.

You should work with your team of joiners to ensure that your bathroom is as beautiful as it is functional. When you choose a company with an extensive history of experience, you can be sure that design and functionality work hand-in-hand to make your home as liveable as it is attractive.


Everything from the walls to the flooring, furniture, fixtures and more affect the general satisfaction with your project and your ability to enjoy your bathroom on a day-to-day basis. And while you might think you know what you want now, installing furniture and bringing your vision to life might leave you with a changed mind.

A professional joinery can offer guidance and expertise as to which finishes are best for your needs. If you’re unsure as to which finishes you prefer, a joinery can offer the options you need to make the best choice for your home.

Contact Management Joinery Solutions to Ensure All Factors are Considered and Managed as They Should Be

When you want your bathroom finished as efficiently, transparently, and professionally as you expect, Management Joinery Solutions can help.

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